Nike Dri-FIT Miler Tshirt

Nike Dri-FIT Miler Tshirt

The Nike Miler T-shirt is a very popular and staple T-shirt across the UK. It comes in a large range of colours and styles, and we’re here to give you a complete rundown about all things like Miler.

Firstly, how is it pronounced? “Mill-er” or “mile-er” the choice is yours. This is definitely a question that can start a-few debates! What do you think?

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Many people would say the original nike miler 1.0 tshirt is the best for overall fitting & usability. If you’re tackling a workout or lounging around the streamline sports casual fitting of this T-shirt hugs, your torso, perfectly. This Tshirt definitely looks the most visually pleasing with reflective shoulder panels running across the collarbone finished off with the classic nike swoosh. This style of nike miler tshirt is increasingly becoming harder to come by as they are technically an ‘old season’ product. 

These tshirts can be that ‘in demand’ that they actually have a market value of a higher price than normal! We stock these Nike miler tshirts, and i am sure if you look through our Nike Miler 1.0 T-shirt collection you will find a colour or 2 that you like. We always aim to sell these T-shirts at a price as fair and competitive as possible. 

We carefully source some of the more sort after colours from all corners of the globe. And unfortunately, on some colours. We even have to pay above retail price! If you didn’t think this original model, the Nike Miler 1.0 was a cornerstone in anyones sportswear wardrobe, then think again.

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So, was the next generation as good as the first? In our opinion, I’m sorry to say it was not. Many people regarded the fabric of this T-shirt to be slightly worse than the original. The fitting was completely different, offering a more Boxfit, which gave the T-shirt a more wide and shorter feel.

A lot of people had to change their size and the last thing you want to do when shopping with a brand is have products that fit completely differently. 

In addition, the very popular reflective three and material on the collarbone and shoulder area was removed, you could almost say, this was a very unique selling point to the Miller 1.0 T-shirt. 

Although this left a lot of people are happy, we have still sold thousands of these Nike Miller, 2.0 T-shirts. That shows the fabrics and designs Nike use are still at the peak and pinnacle of sportswear fibres. 

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Finally leading us up to the present day, summer of 2023, introduced us to a new branch of Nike Miller. This is the UV Mike Miller T-shirt. Similar to the 2.0 this T-shirt had no shoulder reflective detailing. Furthermore, boosting the demand of the original 1.0 Nike Miller T-shirt. 

This UV, Nike Miller T-shirt, and show some signs of improving with sizing, the once box and short fitting was no more, and this was updated through the UV Nike Miller T-shirt, with a more long fitting streamline T-shirt.